Alexander Abreu y Havana d ́Primera

Alexander Abreu y Havana d ́Primera

After 15 years they're finally here - welcome Alexander Abreu y Havana de Primera!

Wednesday, 01:00h @ Show Hall, Adris Old Tobacco Factory

Considered to be the most popular Cuban band according to the critics and the audience, Havana de Primera's reputation transcends the frontiers of genre. They've received numerous awards for their work, including Música Popular Bailable Awards and the Grand Prize of the Cubadisco, and they've been nominated for Best Salsa Album at the Latin Grammys with “CANTOR DEL PUEBLO” their latest album.

Among most known albums are the album "La Vuelta Al Mundo” which has received numerous awards and is known by the theme song duet by Alexander Abreu and Luis Enriquez. It has been appealing not only to the band followers, but it has also broadened the bands public to anybody who's interested in Cuban music, country and culture as well as to all fans of Havana d' Primera director Alexander Abreu, popularly known as "the God of the Wind". In December 2017 the DVD “Haciendo Historia” was released, displaying the expertise of artists and musicians that joined him. In WOMEX 2017, their stage performance was cataloged by Pirahna Productions as the most relevant in Latin music in the last 10 International Fairs.

In numbers, HDP have participated in more that 150 concerts in 17 European Countries between 2015 and 2018. Their international audience keeps growing, which can be seen both in the media and in live concerts all around the world. Their songs represent the impulse of new Cuban popular music in the world, which is the first time Cuban music is making such an impact since the world success of Buena Vista Social Club.

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