DJ Alanito

Croatia in the house! For the third time in our line up - magnificent DJ Alanito ;)

Specialised in: Salsa

DJ Alanito is one of the most popular salsa DJs in Croatia playing regularly at all the major salsa and bachata events. He is the resident DJ in Los Mamberos dance studio where he has perfected his dancing skills with his friends. His spinning career started off during his student years when he played music in the most popular night clubs in Zagreb. Back then he started dancing Latin dances and collecting Latin music. Today, after many years of being part of the salsa world, his passion for music turned into a large and diverse collection of both classic and modern salsa and bachata hits. Being a dancer, he has an expressed sense for the rhythm and musicality and also a great sense for "reading" the audience providing the right tune on the dance floor, which makes him a perfect mood maker on every salsa event.

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