Alberto & Andria

Alberto Valdes & Andria Panagi

Teacher of all Cuban teachers, master of traditional Cuban dances, culture and customs. Bringing your rumba, orishas and Cuban salsa to highest level. Alberto Valdes and Andria Panagi back in Croatia!

Specialised in: Afro-Cuban, Rueda de Casino, Rumba
Workshops: 3 on pre-festival days, 6 on weekend (Fri-Sun)

Alberto Valdes was born in Havana (Cuba) on December 3rd, 1966. Dancer and choreographer, he began his career by dancing at the young Cuban Society "Tercer Mundo" and participating in numerous international festivals. In 1986 he joined the "Conjunto Folklore" in Varadero, Cuba; in 1988 he joined the Ballet "Continental Cabaret" to join later on the “Society of the Tropicana in Cuba" in 1990 with which he remained until 1995 while touring all over the world. Alberto Valdes combines elegance and class with a strict professionalism that distinguish his teachings. His creative spirit can be noticed both in the creation of choreography and in the leading of exciting animation sets.

Andria Panagi comes from Cyprus and together with Alberto Valdes, is the owner, director and producer of „CubaMiSalsa Festival On Tour", a festival they created in order to present Cuban culture & dances at their best. It's been represented by some of the best Cuban artists in the world and it's been already franchised by many countries in Europe. Apart from "CubaMiSalsa Festival On Tour" they created also "CubaMiSalsa Productions" Project where they collaborate with many other international artists and organizing festivals around Europe. Andria is now living in Cyprus and she has been accompanying Alberto on many festivals around Europe as his dance partner.

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