Albir Rojas

Albir Rojas

Albir Rojas is one of the most recognizable dancers and teachers in field of Afro-Latin dances such as kizomba and semba. Hitting the dancefloors in Rovinj once more!

Specialised in: * making your jaw drop with music interpretation, Kizomba
Workshops: 4 on weekend (Fri-Sun), 6 on pre-festival days (Wed-Thu)
Shows: 1

Albir Rojas is currently one of the most wanted kizomba artists in the world. A professional dancer, choreographer, actor and instructor, he started dancing when he was 15 and has gained his experience and knowledge taking classes in ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, funk & new style (just to mention a few). He is a very welcomed guest and instructor on festivals all around the world. He'll take you deeper into the world of sensuality in his own unique manner bursting with energy, flow and sexiness.

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