Alex & Desiree

Alex & Desiree

Bachateros of the world unite! Yeah, you heard it right - Alex and Desiree are with you this year to spice things up both at workshops and on dance floors. Get ready for a whole lotta playful combinations, crazy footwork and above all - some really good times! Ready, set - smile! 

Specialised in: Bachata, Salsa
Workshops: 3 on pre-festival days, 3 on weekend (Fri-Sun)
Shows: 2

Alex and Desiree have teamed up to bring exciting and powerful showcases to the stage. The chemistry between them is a pleasure to witness. Their combined energy makes for an explosive performance which they have shared with dancers from all over the world. While both Alex and Desiree are well rounded in many forms of dance the world has really embraced their interpretation of bachata. They have undoubtedly become the leading couple representing Traditional or Dominican Style bachata. Having already traveled all over the world teaching and performing their unique style of dance, they are also one of the top sought out choreographers in the Latin Dance Scene.

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