Korke & Judith

Korke & Judith

This charming young couple from Barcelona, Spain has conquered the world of dance with their Bachata Sensual! Amazing social dancers, a must at any dance event, always with a bright smile on their faces, one more time taking control over the bachata floor in Croatia. 

Specialised in: * twisting their bodies to whole other dimensions, Bachata
Workshops: 4 on weekend (Fri-Sun), 6 on pre-festival days (Wed-Thu)
Shows: 1

Korke and Judith are a couple of Spanish origin who have been working together professionally for six years. Korke started in the salsa circuit 12 years ago and has spent 10 years of dancing and teaching bachata. Being recognized as the “creator” and the main precursor of the style, known as “bachata sensual”. Judith, who is only 24, is well known as a dancer. Her dancing originates from ballet and rhythmic gymnastics. Eight years ago she decided to devote herself to the world of Latin dancing. She is distinctive for her sensual style and musicality.
They are both renowned instructors and teachers of many schools and international events. Teachers from across Europe learn from them in classes. They have conducted shows and workshops all over Europe including Spain, France, Portugal, England, Germany, Poland, Italy, as well as India, South America etc.

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