Musicians - Rene's Team

Is there a better way to understand music than with the help of extraordinary musicians?

Rene Alvarez (piano), Oscar Martinez (percussion) and Daniel Carnago (bass guitar and tres) are all part of the Cuban Combination, gathering some of the biggest artistic talents of the UK. Their talent is immense and their repertoire includes a wide variety of styles, from danzon and traditional Cuban son to salsa and merengue styles, including funk and R&B fusion. 

Rene Alvarez (musical director, composer, arranger, trombonist, pianist and vocalist) graduated as a trombonist from the Conservatorio Esteban Salas Music School of Santiago de Cuba. From 2001 to 2007 René was the lead trombonist in Sur Caribe, one of the most famous groups in Cuba over the past decade and has recorded 4 albums with them. He has worked with a number of major record labels on recording projects. Playing live, René has taken part in a number of big international events such as the Glastonbury Festival (2006 and 2007) and Electric Picnic, Ireland (2007) sharing the stage with George Clinton, Sinead O’Connor and Franz Ferdinand. More recently with Cuban Combination at Brecon Jazz festival, Salsa Congress in Bournemouth and London, Imperial Jazz Festival London, The National Theatre and Carnival de Cuba, Latinossegor France and many more.

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