Yeni Molinet

When it comes to Cuban folklore and traditional dances, there is one name you can't miss - Yeni Molinet.

Specialised in: Cuban salsa
Workshops: 2 on weekend (Fri-Sun), 3 on pre-festival days

She began her artistic career when she was 5 years old in children dance courses at the "Casa de la Cultura" of Placetas - Villa Clara (Cuba). In 1999 she successfully passed the aptitude test for the "Escuela Profesional de Arte Samuel Feijoo" of Santa Clara (Cuba), the only professional school of folk dances in Cuba. In 2002 she completed her studies obtaining the graduation of "professional dancer and teacher of folk dances" with the maximum evaluation. In the same year Yeni auditioned for the "Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba" and received the highest scores thus finding herself amongst the only three females selected and she was incorporated in the main  corps de ballet of the prestigious dance Company. From 2003 she regularly began to participate at the "Sabado de la Rumba", at all the national tour of the company and all the events that took place at major theaters (Gran Teatro de La Habana - Karl Marx - Garcia Lorca - Teatro America etc ...) or scenarios of the country, often with the presence of the Cuban President Fidel Castro and his international guests. Always like first level dancer, in the following years she continued the specialization and participation in the choreography: Obatereo; Ciclo Yoruba "Yemayà"; Musica popular "Mambo y Descarga" (Salsa Cubana); Danza de las Canastas "Ochun"; Danza de los Apalencados "Bailes Congos"; Yoruba "Iyesa"; Tumba Francesa; Oya de 9; Dahomeño; Rumba y Comparsa. She currently participates in the best festivals, congresses and popular Cuban dance events. She is recognized for her great artistic skills, professionalism, experience, charisma, grace and elegance and is widely credited as being one of the best dancers and teachers in the contemporary world of Cuban culture.

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