Frankie Vazquez

Frankie Vazquez

For the first time in Croatia, let's give a warm welcome to "El Sonero Del Barrio", Frankie Vazquez. 

Friday, Grande Fiesta, 28th June @ Rovinj main square with El Chino y La Diferencia

Frankie Vazquez was born on January 6, 1958 in Salinas, Puerto Rico. His parents helped him to create his own band at the age of 16 years: (Los Generales) where he played congas. The band performed concerts in the restaurant for his father. Suddenly replacing the singer of the band, Frankie dedicated to singing, without forgetting the drums.
At the age of 17 he participated in three orchestras. Frankie is a passionate fan of Hector Lavoe, Ismael Miranda, Ismael Rivera, Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez, Ismael Quintana. The singer was nicknamed "Juke Box" because he could sing any song from beginning to end. In 1977, invited to New York where Frankie gets hired to his first recording with Fuego 77.

Some of his most notable projects and cooperations are: 

  • Fuego 77 (Alegre Records, 1978)
  • the “New Swing Sextet”
  • Member of the Conjunto Salsa of Wayne Gorbea
  • Sigan Bailando (1986) on the album, playing “Lo que dice Justi” of Justi Barreto.
  • Javier Vazquez y su Sonora, Ella Me Olivido (1990 Cuco Records)
  • Extasis y Dolor (1993) Mivajo seal
  • Mejor que Nunca (1994, Milestone label)
  • Oiga como suena libre (chorus)
  • Mejor que Nunca (chorus)
  • La banda de Manny Oquendo
  • Se llama libre porque
  • Porque tiene un swing Sabroso
  • 20 anos ya tu ves
  • Hector Lavoe Orchestra in (1993)
  • On The Move! (Muevete)
  • Soneando Trombone (Ryko Latino 1004) in 1998, which Frankie sings "Descargarana", "Otra Oportunidad" and "Muy joven para ti"
  • Salsa Dura (Ryko Latino 1007) in 1999
  • Lo Mistico (Cotique 1109), in 1998
  • Grupo CaribeUn Congo me dio la letra (CMS Records 0055)

At the same time, he has participated in the Spanish Harlem Orchestra at the birth of the album Un Gran dia en el Barrio.

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