Meet the Legends - special edition of Olu Olu Coffee Lounge

This Coffee Lounge is going to be something really special - #seasunsalsa presents a new concept called "Meet the Legends". And are there bigger legends than the guys from The New Swing Sextet?

Thursday 27th June, La Concha Restaurant, ENTRANCE: free of charge! 

  • "Meet the Legends" 15-16.30h
  • hangout with DJ music 16.30-19.00h

Have you ever thought of speaking with some of the biggest legends of the salsa history? What would you have asked them if you had had this opportunity?

Well, think fast - because this year we're giving you exactly this opportunity. We're bringing you a fresh and new concept called MEET THE LEGENDS, which is all about face to face encounters with some of the biggest names in the industry that have left considerable traces while creating salsa history. And what's more - it will be hosted by Olu Olu. 


This year's guests are members of the world known band The New Swing Sextet, a product of New York City and the excitement and turbulence of the sixties. They are here to tell you their story of success and to present their latest album. You will have time to ask questions, take photos with the legends themselves and experience them as persons. And after the talk - we social dance!

When and Where?

La Concha Restaurant, on Thursday 27th June, ENTRANCE: free of charge! 

  • talk with The New Swing Sextet 15-16.30h
  • hangout with DJ music 16.30-19.00h

Come, meet the legends and ask them questions - make your dreams come true! And of course - stay, hang out, exchange ideas and dance!

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