Grande Fiesta

Grande Fiesta

Dancing madness is all around the town of Rovinj and it explodes on the main town square with more than 3000 dancers and a LIVE salsa concert! It's that time of the year - when every tiny stone in the town of Rovinj is dancing salsa.

Friday, 30th June @ main square; 21:00-01:00h

Friday is a very special day of the festival - it's the day when everybody gathers at the main square for the biggest open air FIESTA you can imagine.

Crazy salsa madness is starting already at 21:00h, when we warm up the crowd on the main square with salsa music. After that, professional salsa show performers from all around the world, make a great intro into an unforgettable LIVE CONCERT by Angel Yos y la Mecanica Loca! Get ready for some pretty amazing dances you're never going to forget ;)

It is the biggest open air salsa party night you will ever attend!

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