Steel Salsa Party

Who's ever said no to more parties in Rovinj?

  • IMPORTANT INFO: this party is not included in any pass. The price of the party is 60kn and you can get the tickets at the entrance to the club.
  • DJ Latin Master, DJ Willy, DJ Javier, DJ Julian Duke & DJ Dmitri
  • mixed floor - salsa, bachata, Cuban
  • dress code: riviera chic

Tuesday 25th June @ Steel Club Rovinj; 23:00 - 05:00h

ADDRESS: Vijenac brace Lorenzetto 17, Rovinj 52210

Here's to the relentless ones... There is a legend that there is one day during the salsa festival when there are no parties after midnight. Let's leave this story to the legend.

This year we're pushing your dance limits a bit further - in collaboration with Steel Club Rovinj we're throwing a huge after party on Tuesday for all of you who would like to keep on dancing after the dance point on the main square. So here's the scenario - a newly opened, super elegant venue will be your setting, our festival DJs will be playing a nice mix of salsa, Cuban and bachata and you will be welcomed by the nicest personnel you can imagine. Sounds like a pretty good Tuesday after party plan!


How to make a festival where you dance non-stop even more non-stop? This is how.

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