Full Immersion with Amneris Martinez

You're trying to add a bit of flavor to your social dancing and body movement? Welcome learner, let Amneris explain all tips and tricks to you.

Amneris will make sure your basic steps look show-stopping, fusing Afro-Cuban and son into your steps and body movement.

What am I going to do in this class?
What's the difference between a basic and a basic con borinsura? Well if you've ever wondered how come that some dancers manage to combine and add tones of small movements within every step and look fabulous along the way, this is pretty much it.

Amneris has created a perfect blend of Puerto Rico (boricua) and sabor (sabrosura) from New York and named it borinsura. It's natural, it's beautiful and it's very sexy. It's a fusion implementing fundamentals from Afro and son into your dance steps. You will be working on technique while social dancing as well as body movement, and you'll do the steps without looking stiff. Remember basic step? Well after these classes it will never be the same again.

Who is Amneris?
Amneris is admired for her explosive latina energy, flavor and fusion between Puertorican style, New York style and Afro Cuban body motion. She is one of the top female dancers from the last two decades. Together with Juan Matos she revolutionized the salsa world with a partnership that lasted for 10 years. Nowadays she partnered up with Adolfo Indacochea bringing something new with an old flavor.

When and Where?
Friday 28th June 18:15 - 19:45h at ADRIS 6
Saturday 29th June 18:15 - 19:45h at ADRIS 6

Price and level
The price is 40 EUR (295 kn) and the program is aimed at intermediate/advanced dancers.
50 participants only.

Price on spot: 50 EUR (370 kn)


This is the flavor you've been looking for!

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