Get ready for some serious dancing - Tromboranga live on the main square of Rovinj! 

Friday, 3rd July; 23:00-01:00h @ Grande Fiesta

As part of the new generation of independent Latin orchestras, Tromboranga is the pure essence of Salsa Dura. Tromboranga's spicy ingredients are the trombones sound, solid and strong percussion, and the essence of soneos (voice improvisation among the chorus). With influences from the salsa music of the 60s and 70s, they manage to maintain a strong and a very danceable sound. Their original songs like "Agua que va caer", "Humildad", "Palo pa la campana", "Ah Caraj", "Que linda que estas", "Mi China Colombiana" talk about stories that can describe the life of any of us, and they have become number one in Latin radios and on dance floors worldwide. Tromboranga is made up of musicians from the Caribbean and Europe, all residents of Barcelona, Spain.

In March 2019 they released their 9th album called "Te voy a contar". For this album, Joaquin Arteaga producer and timbalero, invited special guests from Puerto Rico such as Jimmy Bosch on "Te perdono", Ismael Miranda in "Huracán no me tumba", and arranger and multi-Grammy award winner Oscar Hernandez, arranged the Latin jazz tune "Sal de la cueva". Also songs like "Un extraterrestre" and "La moda" are now very popular among salsa dancers and DJs. An extensive world tour already began in 2019, with almost 20.000 people on their first concert in Playas, Ecuador.

Take an extra pair of dance shoes - you're up for one wild night of dancing!



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