DJ Jack El Calvo

Give welcome to Jack El Calvo, undoubtedly one of the oldest and most ardent defenders of modern and "bailable" Cuban music in France and Europe!

Specialised in: Cuban salsa

Believing it or not, this year he is celebrating his 25th birthday as a DJ! So without any doubts, he will make your feet jig, hips shake and your hearts beat in the rhythm of the most joyful Cuban music. 

He is also a regular guest at major events and international congresses in France and all over Europe, but also at events linked to the arrival of major Cuban music groups. You can be sure that you don't need to go to Cuba to get  "that Havana feeling", Jack will bring it straight to your doorstep in Rovinj ;)

Jack sees himself as "a simple mediator between artists and the public", so come to the Cuban floor, dance until you drop and tell us how you like his mediation ;)


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