Dejan & Sanja

Dejan & Sanja

You have already seen them on Summer Sensual Days and now, for the first time, you have the unique opportunity to learn from this lovely, young and charismatic couple! Prepare to learn from them, dance with them and have fun because if someone can do all of this with you, it's definitely them.

Specialised in: Bachata, Salsa
Workshops: 5 on weekend (Fri-Sun)

Dejan Stosic and Sanja Stulic have been dancing since their early childhood. They have made their first dance steps in ballroom and Latin dances, where they have accomplished top results on national and international dance scene. They are multiple state champions in ballroom dances and combinations. They started teaching salsa in 2004 at the end of their professional dance sport career and since then salsa is their greatest love. 

They are four time state salsa champions, state champions for ballroom show and state bachata champions. They are also teaching kizomba and Argentine tango, where they have been two times silver medal winners and participators in World tango championship in Buenos Aires, 2008. Since 2012 they have completed their collection of medals by winning the title of the state champions for Argentine tango. This was the best way to finish the circle of winning in all disciplines they are engaged in. They are very charismatic and they are regarded as a couple that expresses their emotions incredibly. Their communication technique with the group they teach is excellent and their classes are always amusing and enjoyable; dedicated teachers who help each and every individual perform at their best.


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