Maykel Fonts & Sylvia Chapelli

Maykel Fonts & Sylvia Chapelli

The one and only... Cuban celebrity... Tropicana graduate... recognized as one of the best and most wanted Cuban dancers in the world. He is known for his elegance, attitude and power as well his incredible dancing skills. 

Specialised in: Body movement, Cuban, Rumba

Maykel Fonts graduated from the most famous dance school in Cuba, The Tropicana, where he studied ballet, modern and contemporary dance, Afro and rumba. In 2000 he moved to Italy with the group Ire Batà and studied with several teachers including Virgilio Pitzalis, Marco Macchetti, Steve LaChance, Gus Bemberry, Christopher Uggins, Chacalli, Paganini and many more. In 2005, he attended a professional course in flamenco in Jerez - Spain. Practiced disciplines: ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, flamenco, Latin-American dances and acrobatics. You will be able to see and feel his charismatic personality and transfixing music interpretation, which makes him one of the most wanted Cuban dancers, teachers and performers on the international salsa scene. 

Sylvia Chapelli was born in Cuba and has been dancing her whole life. She was educated in contemporary and modern dance as well as traditional and folklore dance. Sylvia was a part of a dance team on national Cuban TV and is a part of Rakatan ballet company. She's currently living in Milan and is Maykel Fonts' dance partner.


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