Nera & Yerko

Playful, yet elegant, this dynamic couple will take you on a dance journey into music!

Specialised in: Bachata, Salsa
Workshops: 1 on weekend (Fri-Sun)

The combination of their slavic blood and latin souls makes them extremely hard working and passionate dancers who will surprise you with their smooth social dancing, and methodological teaching approach.

Less is more, they say when it comes to musicality. Anyone can do it, so can you!

Nera grew up dancing and listening to latin classics ever since she was 3. She left a classical ballet career in pursuit of a dance that will better suit her music tastes. Following her professional salsa training for the past decade, she has lived in Barcelona, Paris and Milano, mentored, coached and dancing along-side the be(a)st(s): Terry & Cecile and Adolfo & Tania. Witty and passionate Nera's highly strategic teaching approach, to both social and show dancing, will definitely make you rock the floor!

It was Yerko’s sport discipline and desire for HC dance training that made him and Nera “click” three years ago. They bonded dancing LSD pro team choreographies, and are today proud representatives of the Empire Mambo LSD brand in Europe. With a university degree in kinesiology, Yerko is a devoted explorer of human movement. While in sports, he tends to lean towards extremes, in dance he is a stubborn safe-keeper of the standard mambo techniques. On the other hand, he enjoys teaching bachata, salsa on1 and dance fitness, and the ladies love him for it ;)

Lately Nera & Yerko have been lighting up dance floors from NYC to Paris, and we are bringing them at your service in Rovinj, as we believe they will definitely help you upgrade your social dancing skills.


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