Percussion - El Chino's team

Just to add some flavour to Cuban workshops (not that they need any), we have a set of three extraordinary musicians who are going to take you right to the streets of Cuba... Pack your bags!

Back again at CSSF - 3 great Cuban professional percussionists and musicians to accompany the classes creating a true vibrant atmosphere of the streets of Cuba. Afro and Rumba classes are definitely getting a special touch - get ready for an unforgettable experience which will not only enable you to master the classes better, but will also introduce you to the intricate music that you like dancing to. 

Gabriel Delgado (percussion), Jose Antonio Molina (percussion) and Ariel Monterecy (singer, percussion) are all descending from La Escuela Nacional De Arte. Very well known for their experience and knowledge, they were part of different events worldwide, not only as percussionists but also as maestros de musica.

Gabriel Delgado, also known as El Chino gives classes of rhythm and musicality and is the frontman of the band called La Difrenecia comprised of professional musicians from Cuba and Latin America. Their sound will give you the best from their 25 years experience in all authentic and new genres of Latin music.

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