Flor De Mayo Project (Greece)

Express human’s life through choreography – their special mission.

Directly from a picturesque Greece, we bring you a group of seven lovely ladies determined to tell life stories through dance. United in Flor de Mayo Project, their goal is to translate their deepest emotions into movements that will touch the audience’s soul and encourage them to do the same.

For the past two years these powerful women have been operating professionally under the guidance of Chrisa Dami, a salsa dancer and choreographer. In her nine years of dance experience, Chrisa has spiced salsa with a variety of styles - contemporaryjazz and commercial. As a five-year-old experienced dance teacher and choreographer, she aims to bring out the best of each dancer, making them comfortable to combine technique, movement and expression. 

Sentimentality and personality packed into the show is what will radiate from the stage when this magical group from Athens steps on it! 


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