Making history together
Making history together


Mambo, rumba and son festival going extreme!

A festival like no other? Decide for yourself after you read how we rock things ;)


Ah yes, that ;) Well, since the first edition of our event we have been highly dedicated to the learning part because with partying you can have just so much fun.

Learning is non stop and learning is for life. So, although you will find it challenging most of the time, we encourage you to persist and not give up just because your friends are at the beach (yeah, a tough one I know ;). 

Since it's so tough sometimes - maybe a short introduction to how we do things might help you decide to invest some time in your personal growth.

Focusing on salsa/mambo and Cuban/Afro-Cuban dances from the very start 16 years ago

For the last 5-6 years it seems as if the salsa/mambo scene has found a special interest in Cuban/Afro-Cuban dances - the roots of salsa. What we now see is big development in dancers who make the effort to work on their Afro-Cuban techniques and implement it into their salsa/mambo dancing.

It seems like it is a new thing but knowing that salsa/mambo we dance today has Cuba influence all over it - this is just recognising the roots in our opinion. It took some time for this but better now than never. 

Happy to have many people jumping back on this boat again as we were feeling a bit lonely over here pushing the fusion of mambo and Afro-Cuban and nurturing both scenes together for last 16 years.

Check out what is happening with DANCE LESSONS aka WORKSHOP section of our web site.

Handpicked world class teachers that make you work and grow

We take our line up seriously. Our artist are not only good artists, but also great social dancers. Sometimes I get asked the question why our artist line-up does not change significantly.

That is very true and although on some years we make more changes, on many years we decide to make only slight adjustments in our line up. Well, there are quite a few reasons for that but the truth is artists we work with many best of the best artists in their respective dance styles. It is hard to beat them on those fields, so why downgrade ;)

Also, we are very happy to call many of these artists our friends. We open our hearts to each other during 8 days of non stop work/dance/party festival roller-coaster and with time they've became our dance family.

Having this great combination of expertise and motivation in one is really something we feel hard to let go ;)

Pre-festival workshops with placement tests for a higher quality experience

For at least last 10 years we have been pushing concept of pre-festival workshops for those who come longer and want to work in smaller groups and learn from the best.

That means, only top artists for pre-festival workshops and well thought-out program that is being advanced each year. Additionally at our 15th anniversary we introduced placement tests as our way to give the right knowledge to the right audience.

With the placement tests you are guided by our top teachers to the level of dancing appropriate for you. Already this year we have noticed it makes a difference and you guys are more happy since you train in groups of people with similar knowledge as you and get better results.

That in turns helps us to adjust the program to your needs exactly. Happy you, happy teachers, happy us!


Live music during workshops to really connect with the music

If you have ever been to a dance class accompanied by live musicians you know how much this brings to the experience of the class. For many years many of our Afro-Cuban and rumba classes have had musicians with congas accompanying teachers.

From last year we added additional set of musicians so our mambo/salsa audience as well as Cuban audience can benefit from this beautiful experience. The second set of musicians are using also other instruments such as keyboard and bass guitar - two essential instruments for every salsa songs nowadays.

Rock on people - don't miss some of these classes - because these are a keeper ;) It would be unfair to not mention an event Mambo con son which has inspired us to bring in this second set of music instruments to our game!

Introducing SOCIAL and MOVEMENT tracks as a novelty

Until now you realize that our workshop concept and approach differs from the regular festival workshop programs which is kind of a legacy from the old times of salsa festival development.

Well, honestly I am never happy, not event how we do it now, and our team tries each year to find out how can we twist and bend about what is expected and how it really is. At the end we meet in the middle but we make sure each year we move the frontiers.

Each year it must be better than last year - not just the artist part but the concept of our education, part so that eventually you can learn more efficiently. For 15 years we have done this - and our current direction is:


Live workshops rating

What about an online tool for immediate voting of the workshop you've just had? Putting in some comments about the workshops while you are at it?

Check! We've got it covered and not only does it push the teachers to do their best (which they anyway do), but it also gives us valuable information which we can give back to the teachers.

Everybody wins. Oh, and you can win passes for some of the world renown festivals if you participate in voting. Cool? Hell yeah!

Constant upgrading of our education program

All of the above is already obsolete as you speak ;) Well, yeah, for sure many things will be that way, but we keep watching what is going on around us, we use our 12 years experience as teachers and our brain cells are constantly looking to making things better - at the end that is what the organizers do, right?

So, check out these pages every now and then. You might as well be positively surprised what you may find on them ;)


This one does not need much introduction does it ;) If your brain and body are tired of 1-2-3 or kin-kon or kun-kun-pa, it is time to steam them off at some of the best salsa experiences you will ever have in your life. We dare you to make them all.

  • Live concerts with salsa legends? Yep! Not one, but two
  • Boat trip parties? Ups, 6 of them (we can't help ourselves)
  • Beach parties? Yep, every single day (salsa/Cuban and sensual beaches) 
  • Pool party? They call it THE mother of all pool parties for a reason
  • Vineyard party? Dionysus is our best pal and he loves salsa
  • Dancing in old city squares? There is nothing compared to dancing under the sky

You might want to check the Spotlight section just in case we missed something ;)

So, does this round up the CSSF? Not at all! I didn't even start talking about one of the most important highlights of our event and that is our beautiful location - city of Rovinj and our unique main venue by the sea - old tobacco factory.

Feel free to explore the web site and we are impatiently waiting in Rovinj to host you for another ultimate experience.

See you in Rovinj!

Vladimir Semencic
Festival director


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