Making history together
Making history together


Ultimate dancing holiday experience

We welcome you to CROATIAN SUMMER SALSA FESTIVAL - the ultimate dance holiday experience. 

As we get closer to the end of another year, we cannot escape the feelings of gratitude and happiness for making this year in many way memorable. In 2019, guided by the mission "Making history together", we delivered the biggest salsa event ever. More than 5000 dancers from all over the world rocked the city of Rovinj for 8 days celebrating the best dancing times of their lives. Nobody could imagine that in 2020 the world will stop.

Having said that, 2021 was a year of come back mostly thanks to your support and we succeeded in getting back those wonderful emotions of being together again that we missed so much.

We believe in 2022 we will rock hard again thus we are preparing for another year of craziness. We invite you to join us and celebrate life with us again. The only way we know - crazy and with love!


Feel free to explore the web site as we are impatiently waiting in Rovinj to host you for another ultimate experience.

Viva la vida!

Vladimir Semenčić
Festival director




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