14 Jul 2021


Coming from a non-EU country? Read this!

Knowing that many of you from non-EU countries are planning your trip to Croatia, so we checked under which regulations our non-EU participants can attend our events. At this moment this is what Croatian Government puts as mandatory.....

  • At the moment, only attendees with valid digital EU Covid passports (digital or print format) are eligible to enter the events. Basically you have a QR code that is possible to read with the CovidGO application

That means that even if you have a certificate from your own country (non-EU) that you have been vaccinated, tested or had the virus in the last 6 months, you still need to do the test in the EU to get the digital EU Covid passport (QR code) to enter any event. For the UK this can change since we hear that the UK government and EU are negotiating a certain COVID pass deal which would allow UK citizens to travel using the NHS app. As of time when this will happen we do not have info.


Although currently your national COVID certificate is not valid to enter our events - It is possible that your national certificates may be used to enter EU countries but not to attend the events. We advise you though to check the current travel regulations for your country to be on the safe side.


We understand this may bring unnecessary discomfort and bring additional costs for all of you coming from non-EU countries who have valid national Covid certificates. If this is a big obstacle for you, feel free to let us know and we can postpone the pass for you to the next year or you can opt to resell it.


We hope you find this information useful. Until we see each other, stay well and get ready to rock the dance floors again! Your sunshine team!

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