22 Jun 2021

Festival update - summer is calling!

As we getting closer to July and the summer has kicked of all over Europe we bring you plenty of festival news and updates! Read carefully - you do not want to miss out on the important information!

Dear dance friends, we come to you with another festival update.

As building events is not enough of a challenge in normal times, both we and our dance promotor colleagues are facing challenges like never before. Balancing between ever changing regulations, insecurities of all kinds, additional expenses, criticism coming from left and right, risks of sudden event halt and postponement, safety for participants and much more, what we are facing now is simply overwhelming sometimes. Not to mention the usual things you need to do while creating an event.

We recognise the effort and send our best wishes to our brave colleagues from the industry and hope their efforts are not in vain. That being said, we are now faced with many challenges, limitations and potential problems when creating our events this year and many of them are not under the control of the organisation team. Thus these updates to make sure you have all the necessary information before coming to the festival or possibly postponing the pass to the next year.



We have announced a general festival program for all three of our events: SSD Opatija, SSD Rovinj and CSSF. Please make sure you check each of those on their respective web pages:

We plan to make the same concept of the festival you are used to including evening parties, pre-festival (Rovinj) and festival workshops, some special parties or even new special events (Opatija), boat trips, concert (Rovinj). However due to regulations in effect there will be a part of the program we cannot guarantee we can make or will not be allowed to make which makes us sad but in this transitional period we need to accept it and make the best possible out of it.

Important - this is not the final program, things can change as time goes on. We are constantly working on the program to be updated and in line with latest official regulations but like we said - not everything is under our control and not everything is allowed at this time.

  • For that reason, all open air activities where we cannot check the entrance and make the area safe for our participants are currently out of our program. This includes beach parties and city parties.
  • Boat trips are ON, though and there will be plenty of them!
  • We are still looking for locations where we can make pool parties possible (as old locations are not available to us this year)
  • we will soon be publishing artists line ups - but do please note that due to many things that happened during these corona times, some artists are unable to attend this years event and it might happen that even some announced for this year don't show up in the end because of unpredictable reasons that can happen in between and are not under our control (airplanes canceling flights, quarantine etc.)
  • for salsa festival we plan to have two floors - salsa and Cuban with, of course, some sensual music being played on both of the floors
  • for sensual festivals we also plan to have two floors - bachata and kizomba mix (with some salsa music being played on bachata floor from time to time)
  • for SSD Opatija - it might be possible to have additional third floor (salsa) if the number of participants will be significant

We will make sure to keep you updated with all the progress and also we will make sure to make the best out of the situation so we could give you that unique Seasunsalsa experience.



If you think for any reason this is not the year you are ready to come back to dancing, we completely get you. We all hoped for a more confident 2021. Feel free to postpone your pass on the following link with the latest date of 08th of July.


- Reminder -
CSSF - 28th June - 5th July 2022
SSD OPATIJA 16th - 20th of June 2022
SSD ROVINJ 21st - 28th of June 2022


Pass resale

For those who plan to attend our events in 2021 we accept name changes to your passes latest by 08th of July. 


Ticket sales for SSD Rovinj & CSSF - most probably NOT opening in 2021

Currently we predict we will be opening ticket sales around mid July. At that time we will know exactly how many people have postponed their passes and how many people will be able to attend the event based on current regulations. Good news announced by the Croatian government is that from 1 July indoor events might not have limits to the number of participants if their Covid status is checked at the entrance. This needs to be taken with reserve, of course, since things might change and we still need to see that being put in practice.

Selling tickets in advance and before knowing all the information we need to know would be irresponsible. However, based on the number of tickets postponed from 2020, most probably we will not be selling tickets for SSD Rovinj and CSSF 2021. We appreciate our superheroes who put their trust in us and postponed their passes. So before selling any new passes, they will have priority in attending the 2021 event. We definitely still need to look at the numbers after the postponement period - we will then know the correct status of the people attending.


SSD Opatija - Tickets sale to be opened approx mid July

With the current number of tickets postponed from 2020, we are almost certain that we will be able to sell SSD Opatija tickets, so get ready for that. This will most probably happen mid July. We will be publishing more information about tickets for SSD Opatija soon, so please keep updated! 


SSD Opatija - Premium edition

Also, you might check the SSD Opatija program - this year it looks even better than last year, as we added a premium open air party

Kvarner Royal party

Similar to the Katarina island party in Rovinj, this party will be held in the open from 19:00-00:00h in the gorgeous place - the most beautiful hotel terrace in Croatia overlooking our beautiful Adriatic sea - Hotel Kvarner terrace. We plan to feature two floors (bachata and kizomba) and the party will be included in the FULL PASS and FULL PARTY PASS SSD Opatija tickets.



  • Based on the latest EU regulations, events can be organised only by following certain safety procedures to protect you and other participants of the event. One of the most important conditions for the event to happen (but not the only one) includes checking the Covid certificate of the participants. This will allow us to organize the festival in the most safe way and by checking the status at least once per festival (including all of you who have tickets for multiple events like x-treme pass, 2in1 etc.). 
  • We understand you might not have COVID passport/certificate if you have not been vaccinated or not had corona 6 months previous to the event, thus it will be also possible to participate with a negative test for coronavirus BEFORE YOU PICK UP YOUR PASS FOR EACH OF THE EVENTS. More details about this in due time.

Keep updated

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So, while you prepare for the summer, we will make sure to keep you updated with all the latest information. Based on the regulations announced and in effect from 1 July, combined with the fact that Europe is opening for events and travel pretty fast, we are optimistic (but careful) in planning our events.


Stay well and healthy dear friends! Until next time we send you lots of positivity and sunshine!

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