25 Mar 2020


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Dear dance community,
In these difficult and unpredictable times we hope that you are, first of all, healthy. This crisis has imposed a kind of behavior which to us as dancers is completely unimaginable, but in this new reality mandatory – social distancing.

It is good to see though that these new measures we need to adhere to very responsibly have not stopped our spirit – we keep on dancing in our homes, instructors have online courses, DJs prepare their finest music for their online sets, people hang out virtually as much as they can and this is what makes the hard times easier. Our passion for music and dance prevails.

However, in this light we’d just like to share with you that while following the situation there is less and less chance that our favorite summer dance festivals are to take place. Our ever-present optimistic spirit is making us continue with the preparations for the festivals although the reality and the daily news don’t look so good. We are working hard at this moment to prepare additional options and you can be sure that whatever the outcome will be – we will make sure that you are happy with it.

We will be updating you often and depending on the development of the situation we might be soon making some very hard decisions.

However, for now it is most important for all of us to fight against this the best way we can and to accept the measures like staying home in order to stop the virus spreading.
Stay safe dear people and let's get through this crisis by working together and supporting each other.

Your #seasunsalsa team

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