06 Jul 2021

Latest info!

We are following our plans and heading towards the realization of the event.

Dear people, here is some info that we hope will make your decision easier. We are following our plans and heading towards the realization of the event.
At the moment and from the current point of view we prepared the following info:

  • RESELL or POSTPONING time ends as planned - on 8th July 2021 - you can postpone your pass at this LINK!
    • SSD OPATIJA 16th - 20th of June 2022
    • SSD ROVINJ 21st - 28th of June 2022
    • CSSF - 28th June - 5th July 2022
  • SSD Opatija PASS SALE opening - planed for Thursday 15th July 2021, limited number of passes, we sell first to people on the waiting list - more info next week (*possible SSD & CSSF Rovinj pass sale info coming up in a few days!) 
  • BOAT TRIPS Rovinj SSD & CSSF SALE OPENING soon - limited number of tickets, more details coming soon
  • COVID MEASURES AT THE FESTIVAL - covid passports will be required an mandatory at the entrance; covid tests will be available for everybody and at your own cost - price range, procedures and the rest of the details coming soon

*IMPORTANT! - If in the case of a new severe epidemiological measures (virus spread, danger or similar) the festivals can't be doable under any circumstances - all valid passes which have not been postponed earlier, will be transferred automatically to 2022 or be the subject to resell!

Hope we helped a bit and thank you very much for your understanding and patience. We are giving our best to make our passion and feelings survive! And we can do it together! :) #wewilldanceagain 

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