13 Jul 2021


With a bit more than a month away from your favourite summer dancing events we bring you more info regarding attendance and Covid-19 regulations!

Hello friends, we are a little bit more than a month away from coming back to summer dancing, feeling that fresh sea breeze and enjoying all those beautiful moments with old and new friends.

This is a very realistic scenario and we will do everything we can to make it happen. Being aware of the general situation all of the above can happen only if the event is organised in the responsible manner. That means taking into account government regulations for making the events safe but also if we all are being responsible about them.



So, before coming to our events this summer do please make sure you are well introduced with the following:

Everybody that attends the event (staff, artists, participants etc.) will need to have a valid EU COVID passport (vaccinated, had corona in last 6 months or with negative test - PCR test valid for 72h / antigen test valid for 48h) in either digital or printed form

we will be checking everybody who enters the premises of our events for these passports with an official CovidGO application. These checks will be done every time you enter one of the premises of the event

If you have not been vaccinated or did not have the corona virus in the last 6 months and if you want to attend the events you will need to take an antigen test. We will provide you with the opportunity to have antigen test done with our official certified medical partners once you come to the event (more info about that will follow soon). The price of the test will be approximately from 15-20 Eur per test per person.

Note that the antigen test is valid for 48h thus for our events that last longer you will need to do the test multiple times at your own cost.

Also, to avoid any possible fraud actions that can lead to endangering other people we will need to identify your Covid passport or test with you thus we will need to ask for your identification (personal ID or passport) so please have it with yourself when entering our premises

The same procedure will happen on every premise/location that we have as part of the 2021 event (workshop halls, boat trips, evening parties…) for the whole duration of the event

NOTE - we are currently checking if NON-EU vaccination certificates (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Gamaleya, Sinopharm,...) are valid to enter our events.


Only with the above measures in effect can we make the event inclusive and most safe for everybody. Also, abiding by these regulations, masks are not mandatory in the venue. If you feel like having it on feel free to do it. 


Sending much positive thoughts to all! Let's do this! Your sunshine team!

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