17 Aug 2021

We will dance again & IMPORTANT PROGRAM UPDATE!

Finally - official papers from the Government are in and we are ready to roll! Watch out for party times update!

Dear friends,

We say WOHOOO! Papers from the government are finally in and we can finally say - LET'S ROCK & ROLL - errrr.. LET'S SALSA! ;)


Due to the regulations in effect in Croatia that can be updated every two weeks, we were attentive of the date August 15th as that was the final date when things could go for worse. Fortunately that did not happen and we are GOOD TO GO with Summer Sensual Days in Rovinj too!


As it goes with good news there is always "but". Regulations that we need to follow are affecting the timing of our evening parties which we needed to adjust due to the regulations in effect.

Instead of having the parties until early morning hours, we will be holding the parties as follows:

  • EVENING PARTIES: from 19-24.00h (each day) @Steel venue

Naturally being nocturnal creatures as we are during the dance festivals - we would prefer this is not the case - but we understand this is a transitional year to recovery and we are delighted to share the dance floor with you even in this updated time schedule! 

Please - check the FULL PROGRAM for updated times, get the dust off of those dancing shoes and get yourself and your friends over here - Rovinj and we are waiting for you!

See you in Rovinj!

#wewilldanceagain #finally

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