Dance floors

Welcome dear dancer! You can leave you things on the right, take your dance shoes with you and enter the magical world of dance!

Whether it's salsa of all styles or bachata or any other summer tune - we have it all!

All that on 2 beautiful floors!

  • Salsa 
  • Cuban
  • Salsa Romantica
  • Bachata

So you can start on the floor on your right, with some nice salsa romantica, rise your temperature with Cuban rhythms, take a break with a bachata or two, then grab a drink at the central bar and finish your evening off to the beats of kizomba. Or take the other way around. Or stay on that first floor. Or don't. There are plenty of options for everyone, your task is simply to be prepared for a whole lotta dancing

You're the director of your dance movie - make it work for you!


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