Olu Olu Coffee Lounge - back again :)

His Friday's Coffee Lounge has become so popular that it has become a part of many festival programs already. Back in Rovinj, with a little twist - a mini social with our festival DJ setting the mood. For starters, take a sip... and relax! ;)

Thursday 15th June, La Concha Restaurant, ENTRANCE: free of charge! 

  • coffee lounge 15-16:30h
  • hangout with DJ music 16:30-19:00h

Guest panelists: 


It all started with a casual FB post on some interesting phenomenon that he noticed in the world of salsa, people started commenting and the rest is pretty much history. The world of salsa dancers has started to anticipate his posts every week in what is known as Friday's Coffee Lounge by Olu Olu where this Salsa Cosmopolite tackles controversial topics regarding the much commented lifestyle of both SBK social dancers and artists. Since 2013, the Lounge covered over 100 different topics. Being a creator and a host, Olu Olu ensures everyone is heard, and that the discussion remains courteous. He's sharp, intelligent and doesn't miss a thing - so if he hasn't said anything about a phenomenon you've noticed, it's probably because he'll do it in his next edition of his now well-known Coffee Lounge.

After a couple of editions of his extremely interesting panels live, his Coffee Lounge is coming back at this year's edition of Croatian Summer Salsa Festival! After a relaxing chat and coffee you can stay dancing and hanging out with the guest panelists and fellow participants, and to spice things up a bit one of our festival DJs will be setting the mood.

Guest panelists

To be announced soon!


To be announced soon!

When and Where?

La Concha Restaurant, on Thursday 15th June, ENTRANCE: free of charge! 

  • coffee lounge 15:00-16:30h
  • hangout with DJ music 16:30-19:00h

Come, meet some really interesting people, participate, give your opinion - it's time to hear your voice! And of course - stay, hang out, exchange ideas and dance!



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