Amarin Beach Parties

Amarin Beach Parties

Why not combining a short boat trip and a great beach party - this is what AMARIN beach parties are all about.


  • beach parties are free, but you have to pay for transportation
  • boat to Amarin Beach party leaves from Delfin Station (check the map)
  • you can also get to Amarin by car (8 min from Rovinj centre) or take the regular bus line (from the main bus station - check the schedule there)
  • in case of bad weather you will have to take the regular bus from the main bus station or a taxi

Monday to Saturday, 29th June - 4th July @ Amarin Resort; 14:00 - 19:00h (with our official DJ from 15-19h)

If you have a party pass then beach parties are a perfect way to fulfill your day. Enjoy spacious pebble beaches with a spectacular view over the Old Town of Rovinj and work on that tan to make everybody back home green with envy once you return. Or you can join the party, sip your cocktail and move to the best salsa/Cuban beats. Only the best DJs and party crowd are waiting for you!


Party hard - all day, every day! 

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