Gala Party

Gala Party

CSSF Saturday is reserved for classy and flashy clothes... and show performances which will take you to some other dimensions.


  • spectacular show program 
  • dress code: White party with a personal touch

As tradition goes, this year's Saturday gala night will feature some of the best show performances from the world of salsa. We cannot wait to join you and enjoy these unique expressions of individuality through art in order to get inspired by the movements perfected through dedication, work and sacrifices.

But this year we actually want to emphasise this search for expression, search for uniqueness, search for self so our whole theme of the evening will be just that. Be yourself - Wild & Free

It is an everlasting theme and a reminder of finding your own voice in the world full of those who are telling you who you should be. We are blessed to be caught in the world of dance, which as an art form gives us so many tools and opportunities to be ourselves, to feel alive and live in the present. Just as we should. 

So, do not miss Gala night and join us in the evening show performances to be reminded of this beautiful message and call to every human being.

Saturday, 18th of June @ Show Hall, Adris Old Tobacco Factory

P.S. Don't forget to put on your special clothes for this evening - the red carpet is waiting for you!

Chills and thrills all the way!


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