High Heels by Nina K.

High Heels by Nina K.

The world s your runway. Do the walk.

High Heels by Nina K. will focus on the basics of dancing in high heels. Always wanted to learn how to balance and dance properly in heels, create sexy shapes and lines while looking and feeling bold, beautiful and secure? Well here you go, this is your opportunity. 

Who's Nina?

Nina is a part of the salsa hip hop duo Nina and Zerjon and has a special love for high heels. Over the years she has studied, taught and developed a special way to narrow the techniques down to what it is today after touring around the world teaching. She has been dancing for 15 years and her dance experience includes salsa and ip hop as well as many other dance kinds which makes her classes reach to many different dancers.

What am I going to do in this class?

As Nina herself says it: "It´s the simplest things that will take your dancing (and your walk) to a whole other level. If you need that in your life then these classes are for you. We will go through the basic movements in dance, that you can use in whatever style you do as well as the fundamentals of walking in high heels. Be prepared for hard work because I didn't say simple is easy!"

When, Where and What?

Thursday 2nd July, from 16:30 - 19:30h. Nina will work on your lines, catwalk, presentation and poise - just about everything you need for a complete boost of your self confidence. And don't forget to bring your heels ;) Place: please check the workshop schedule.

Price and level

The price until 1st April is 60 EUR (445kn). From 1st April until it's sold out the price is 70 EUR (520kn).

The program is aimed at dancers of IMPROVER/INTERMEDIATE level. Limited to 60 ladies only.



  • HIGH HEELS BY NINA is not included in any of your passes
  • this ticket doesn't include any other workshops or parties
Work those heels!


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