Mambo Fusion Choreo Bootcamp by Tania

You've always wanted to perform with the Queen of Mambo? Here's your chance - take it. 

Mambo Fusion Choreo Bootcamp is aimed at intermediate/advanced dancers who wish to expand their dance knowledge and experience with new insights into dance and sugar on top - a dance performance next to Tania, the Queen of Mambo.

What's Mambo Fusion Choreo Bootcamp and what do I get from it?
Have you ever dreamed of performing next to your role model? We're giving you an unique opportunity to spend 8 hours learning from the Queen of mambo Tania and spicing it all up with a performance on the main stage on Saturday night. It means performing in front of the audience of 1500 dancers at one of the premium events in the salsa world today

You are in the right hands because Tania is not only a top level performer, but also a great teacher. She will go with you through secrets of mambo and Afro body movement, fuse these two through footwork, make you explore musicality, work on bettering your styling and encourage your self confidence, leading you to present yourself in the best possible way on stage. 

Who's Tania Cannarsa?
Tania represents the unison of technical skills and street style, tradition and instinct, fusion and above all elegance and professionalism. Her experience has earned her the title of one of the most famous dancers on the dance scene - is there a better person to share the stage with?

When and Where?

  • Wednesday (1st July) - 12:15-15:30h
  • Thursday (2nd July) - 12:45-15:15h
  • Friday(3rd July)- 12:00-14:00h
  • Saturday (4th July) - 15:30-16:30h

Place: TBA
Show performance: main stage, Saturday evening

Price and level
Early bird price is 120 EUR (890kn) and it's valid until 1st January 2020. From 1st January till 1st April the price is 150 EUR (1110kn). From 1st April until it's sold out the price is 180 EUR (1335kn).

The program is aimed at dancers of INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED level. Limited to 40 participants only.



  • MAMBO FUSION CHOREO BOOTCAMP is not included in any of your passes
  • this ticket doesn't include any other workshops or parties
  • the instructor reserves the right to choose who's going to perform
  • if you are performing you need to have a festival pass which includes Saturday night


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