Yoyoflow Reggaeton Choreo Bootcamp

Funky, urban and so much fun - that's what Yoyoflow's style is all about. 

This bootcamp is aimed at intermediate/advanced dancers who would like to explore different dance styles and add a groovy, funky flavor to their dancing. The bootcamp includes 6 hours of learning from Yoyoflow, the king of funky, and a performance with him on Saturday Night during our Gala Night.

What's Yoyoflow Reggaeton Choreo Bootcamp and what do I get from it?
This 6h bootcamp will be make you explore various dance styles including reggae, ragga, Afro-house, hip-hop and modern urban varieties fused by Yoyoflow, representing his unique style. The choreography is adapted to both sexes, but will put an extra emphasis on expressing femininity in girls and power in boys. So if you'd like to learn some funky, urban moves and perform with Yoyoflow - here's your chance.

Who's Yoyoflow?
Yoandy Villaurrutia/Yoyoflow was born and grew up in Cuba where he studied and graduated to become a choreographer. Gorgeous, charismatic dancer with a unique Cuban style and energy is well known for his amazing ability to fuse various urban styles and bring fun and smiles to every dance floor.

When and Where?


Show performance: main stage, Saturday evening;
DRESS CODE for the performance - black, urban hip hop style. To be more exact - for guys black baggy pants, hoodies, sweatsuits + white sneakers. For girls - black tops or T-shirts, shorts or short leggings + white sneakers. No jeans.

Price and level
The price till 1st April is 130 EUR (970kn). From 1st April until it's sold out the price is 170 EUR (1260kn).

The program is aimed at dancers of INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED level. Limited to 40 participants only (men & women).



  • YOYOFLOW REGGAETON CHOREO BOOTCAMP is not included in any of your passes
  • this ticket doesn't include any other workshops or parties
  • the instructor reserves the right to choose who's going to perform
  • if you are performing you need to have a festival pass which includes Saturday night


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