DJ Khalid

Modern bachata master of the turntables! Bachateros, get ready for amazing music.

Specialised in: Bachata

Khalid El Khoungui, better known as "Dj Khalid", is a recognized and acclaimed bachata DJ an DJ producer worldwide. Of Moroccan origin, he was born in the city of Almería (Spain), and he currently resides in Stockholm (Sweden). His successful professional career sees him have more than 7 million views on YouTube and exceeds 43000 monthly listeners on Spotify. His impact is most noted among the bachata listening audience. Likewise, he has collaborated with world-class artists in music, such as Dani J, Kevin Cosmos, Grupo Extra and Ephrem J, producing bachata versions and covers of other genres, and original bachata songs with top notch musicians. In the dance scene, many world recognized dancers want to choreograph his new tracks and he is the official DJ of Daniel & Desirée and Sergio & Marichu, two of the most recognized and admired bachata dance couples in the world today. He has the ability to read the dancefloor to make the dancers burst with ecstasy and excitement. Many music specialists turn their head to his beats, appreciating the quality and unique sound of his music. He is specialized in all kinds of bachata, but also salsa. His music always has this special touch for the listeners and dancers, which he's been perfecting for many years.


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