Online dance package
Online dance package

Online dance package

Dance. Music. Inspiration.

The content provided here is intended for improver and intermediate dancers. If you do not know your exact level of dance, improver dancers are generally dancers with 6+ months of experience in social dancing while intermediate dancers are usually dancers with 18+ months of social dancing experience. However, even advanced dancers can find a value in the classes provided here and prepared by some of the best world teachers and dance artists in the world of salsa, bachata and kizomba.

This package with a price of only EUR 29 consists of:

  • 31 videos of top international artists of salsa/cuban/bachata and kizomba
  • 22 dance snacks / 5-10min video tutorials on topics of dance
  • 15 music boxes / 5-10 min videos on topics of music on which we dance to 

All the content below is provided for you by purchasing an online dance package subscription that will give you 12 months of access to this package. Here is what we have prepared for you.



Done by world class teachers with years of experience behind them in HD quality of presentation. 


  • Footwork - Adrian Rodriguez Carbajal
  • Salsa for ladies - Anita Santos Rubin
  • Salsa - SuperMario
  • Groove up your basics - Conny & Dado


  • Mambo shines - Adolfo Indacochea
  • Contemporary mambo - Tania Cannarsa
  • Footwork on2 - Ernesto & Denisse

Cuban salsa

  • Cuban moves & shines - Maykel Fonts
  • Del Son a la Salsa - Osbanis & Anneta
  • Salsa womanity – Katerina Mik
  • Son – Leo & Laine
  • Salsa con nudos - Leo & Laine
  • Timba with afrocuban steps - Alain & Katerina
  • Salsa con hip hop - Nikola Medic


  • Ladies bachata - Silvia
  • Bachata Fusion - Azael & Sindi
  • Traditional bachata footwork fun - Angela Mariano
  • Different kind of basic steps - Gaby & Estefy
  • Bachata - Junior & Carolina


  • Kizomba - Nuno & Nagyla
  • Kizomba - Ricardo & Paula
  • Kizomba - Albir Rojas
  • Rhytms and flow variations (Beg-Int) - Isabelle & Felicien
  • Rhytm and flow variations (Adv) - Isabelle & Felicien
  • Kizomba - Joao & Giedre
  • Kizomba body movement & isolation - Nemanja Sonero


  • Stretching - Julia Quesada
  • Cuban Moves Music Interpretation - Osmani Segura
  • Foundation - Nina & Zerjon
  • Reggaeton - Julia Quesada


Beside dance lessons which are somewhat longer format we prepared for you short educational videos packed with tips and advices to help you grow as a social dancer. 

  • Adolfo Indacochea - Thinking of performing on the stage
  • Azael & Sindi – Creative process to create new moves
  • Nina & Zerjon – Foundation 
  • Albir Rojas – Coordinating steps with music
  • Gaby & Estefy – How to be a good social dancer
  • Leo & Laine – Tips for salsa nudos 
  • Tania Cannarsa – Body movement fundamentals 
  • Osbanis & Anneta – Percussion explained for the dancers
  • Osmani Segura – How to spice up Cuban style
  • Nemanja Sonero – Kizomba History 
  • Super Mario – The travelling triple right turn
  • Ricardo & Paula (ALC) – Tips that will change your Kizomba dancing (ALC Methodology)
  • Anita Santos Rubin – Tips about hands
  • Alain & Katerina – Afro in Timba 
  • Dado & Conny – Basic to WOW
  • Julia Quesada – Reggeaton Musicalidad
  • Joao & Giedre – The way to a better posture and social tips
  • Nikoa Medić – Timba vs Casion 
  • Magda Prichodko – Tips on following skills
  • Isabelle & Felicien – Manners at the party
  • Nuno & Nagyla – What is the dance?
  • Luis Vasquez – What happens when we get back to “new normality”


Short educational videos on topics of Afro-Latin music and its history made by some of the best DJs in our industry. We hope to inspire you to learn and explore more the culture and the music we are dancing to. 

  • DJ Carlos King – Differences of kiozmba music & DJs tips
  • DJ Dmitri – El Grand combo de Puertorico for social dancers
  • DJ Chad – Different types of music in kizomba
  • DJ Sergio – When music surprises you
  • DJ Rumbero -  Not everything is timba 
  • DJ York – Sensual Bachata does not exist
  • DJ Karl con class – Tips to make a kizomba remix
  • DJ Willy – El Sonero Del Mundo 
  • DJ Sezar – Music4dancing
  • DJ Xtra – Kizomba music
  • DJ Khalid – What is original/raw bachata, what cover (verison) and what a remix? 
  • DJ Tuli – A sneak peek on the history of Venezuelan Salsa 
  • DJ Mark Sheppard – Lebron Brothers 
  • DJ Joao – Differences between Kizomba and Semba

All the content above is provided for you by purchasing an online dance package subscription that will give you 12 months of access for videos. Stay tuned as we plan to add more online lessons and engaging content here.



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