DJ Rock

João was born in Lisbon. Growing up exposed to Brazilian rhythms since he was very young, this is where he started developing a sense for African based rhythms.

In 1999 he started learning salsa and later on in 2007 he began his kizomba journey. In April 2012 he started djing in order to introduce a sense of kizomba authenticity to the very young kizomba community in Stockholm. He rapidly developed a stronger passion for djing and African Music became much more than a simple hobby. He has played at most renowned kizomba festivals and he is the resident DJ at Kizomba Fabrik in Frankfurt. The music that speaks to his heart is kizomba, semba, ghetto zouk and Caribbean Rhythms like zouk and kompa. Being a dancer himself his aim is to satisfy the various musical preferences of his fellow dancers.


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