DJ Ser-J

DJ Ser-J is a truly international DJ and musical influencer with a background that reflects through his experiences with other DJs, social dancing and congresses.

Specialised in: Salsa

His love for music began at an early age (with exposure to a diverse array of genres), but he experienced it more profoundly with salsa. He started as a guest DJ at the most famous parties in Paris then he leveled up to start his own, LESALSACLUB. In a short time this party became one of the most famous salsa parties in Europe where dancers from all over the world come to enjoy French salsa scene.

In 2013, Sergi joined Mouaze to create the Saturday Mouaze Fever Party, a totally crazy event in one of the most beautiful concert halls in Paris. In 2016, continuing to offer quality evenings, he will have the opportunity to create a new evening in an unusual place in Paris, the CNIT of La Défense. To reflect the beautiful place, this evening will bear the sweet name of SalsaLicious.

When he’s not in Paris, Sergi regularly tours across France and abroad – often appearing at high profile events in diverse places such as Croatia, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Latvia and USA to name a few. Year after year, Sergi continues his work to maintain his role as an influencer in the salsa scene by taking risk at every events where he is scheduled. His collection grew quickly from CDs to vinyl. "A new way to listen to music, greater harmonic richness, but especially the opportunity to get my hand on yet never digitized albums and therefore very little known has drawn me to vinyl." You will definitely feel an artistic approach through his creative music selection.


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