05 May 2021
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Opatija's protector - Maiden with the seagull

A harmony of sensuality and freedom

Where we left our dancing footprints...
A series of short, touristically informative blog posts that evoke wonderful summer dance memories. Enjoy remembering :)

There you are, taking a break from dance workshops by strolling down the charming Lungomare, Opatija’s seaside promenade and suddenly you find yourself in front of a mysterious girl who is watching across the sea and looking out over the city…

Probably one of the most iconic symbols of Opatija is that statue of the Maiden with the seagull. Short and lovely story behind “the lady” begins in 19th century when count Kesselstadt lost his life in a spring sea storm in Opatija’s bay. Hurt and in a deep grief for a loss of their son, his family installed a sculpture of “Madonna del Mare” on the rock in that same bay to watch over his soul. Later on, the sculpture was devastated by time, sea and strong winds and was substituted by a new one, called – Maiden with the seagull. Made by Croatian sculptor, the identity of the lady remained unknown until after 55 years was finally reveled when sculptor’s friend and neighbor from Crikvenica stated it was her posing the artist. However, the Maiden stretching her palm to a seagull, embodies free, easy and carefree life on the Adriatic.  

Guided by that same feeling of freedom, elegance and sensuality, in the city of Opatija we found a perfect home for our extension of Summer Sensual Days. With the sea breeze in our hair, we’re waiting for you to experience it with us ;)

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