Who are we
Who are we

Who are we

Your sunshine crew


We are a right kind of crazy and passionate crew inspired by dance, travel and creativity. Since our humble dance beginnings in 2002, as hobby salsa dancers, our passion for dance has motivated us to express ourselves in all kinds of manners - as dancers, performers, teachers and dance event organizers. 

Goddess of luck has provided us with numerous opportunities for travel, visiting and participating events in other countries while promoting our own. After some time, people started visiting us and our events too and suddenly our hobby became a job and our small summer events became one of the most visited unique dance holidays in the whole world.

We find pleasure and meaning in creating the events that entertain, educate and provide inspiration to people, while at the same time offering them a unique summer experience. If you feel our kind of crazy or simply enjoy the sea, the sun and the dance, JOIN us in some of the future events we plan and celebrate with us life in a unique summer dance and music experience.



  • SUMMER SENSUAL DAYS, Opatija, 17-21/June/2021
  • SUMMER SENSUAL DAYS, Rovinj, 21-28/June/2021
  • CROATIAN SUMMER SALSA FESTIVAL, Rovinj, 28/June - 05/July/2021


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