09 Apr 2021
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Temple of Culture, Temple of Dance in royal Opatija

A multimedia center as a dance 'home'

Where we left our dancing footprints...
A series of short, touristically informative blog posts that evoke wonderful summer dance memories. Enjoy remembering :)

After setting our events in beautiful Rovinj where the whole town's a stage, we wanted to try out that intimacy of being under one roof together :)
However, our adventurer spirit couldn't let go that desire for connection with nature and town itself... Long story short - that's how we found our 'home' for Summer sensual Days in Opatija.

The Gervais center, where we have our daily workshops and night parties was a cultural center of Opatija from its very first stone. It sprang out as a concert hall right next to the current Hotel Imperial.
Changing its genre from concert hall to theater and movie hall, always stayed devote to cultural environment what finally resulted in establishing the Center as a temple of culture in Opatija.

The Center bears the name after one of the famous figures of Croatian cultural life - Drago Gervais; overlooking the town and the sea promenade, its inside is spacious and fresh, so it's more than appropriate we have it as our Seasunsalsa 'home' too :)

But do you know what's so special about being there... Just remember amazing Opatija's sunrises in rose, from beautiful and vast windows of the Center, while dancing at the After party to the sensual tunes... Those are mornings worth experiencing!

Welcome and enjoy your stay in our all in one dance home ;)

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