Chiara Tofani

Fashionable, classy and sassy :), Chiara today is one of the most followed young mambo dancers and her rich dance background is visible in her movement! Ciao bella! :)

Specialised in: Body movement, Mambo
Workshops: 2 on weekend (Fri-Sun), 8h Mambo Fusion Choreo Bootcamp by Chiara

For the first time at CSSF - join a CHOREO BOOTCAMP for men and women by Chiara Tofani!




Born in The Eternal City, Chiara Tofani decided to make her dancing skills everlasting and strong. So after classical and modern dance education at her young age, she mastered Afro Cuban folklor and Cuban salsa learning from the best such as Maykel Fonts, Kirenia Cantin, Teresa Castaneda etc. She continued deepening her skills with Adolfo Indacochea, Tania Cannarsa, Franklin Diaz etc. which bore fruit and in the period between 2013 and 2016, Chiara won several Italy's championships in salsa and bachata. 

Living a life of a real dance diva, after Milano, where she forged her style in Sosa Academy and took part in two of the most famous salsa companies - Latin Soul Dancer by Adolfo Indacochea and Black Soul by Tania Cannarsa, she finally moved to New York. Specialized in body movement and styling for both, ladies and men, she's now teaching in one of the most prominent salsa schools in NYC - Adelante Studios. She also started her own dance project - Chiara Tofani's Team and spent the whole year in Italy teaching online and training her team of 60 girls from all over the world. 


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