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Croatian Summer Salsa Festival is taking place from 1st till 5th September 2021, exclusively this year. In 2022, the Festival will be held as usual, in June/July.

Maybe a bit different from what we used to, CSSF and Rovinj still got that unique vibe and you can definitely expect to experience the SEA, SUN, PARTY and FUN factor again this year! Our dance "playgrounds" didn't change and you'll be able to enjoy the following festival spotlights in the same great way. Of course, the emphasis this year will be on socialising and social dancing which in fact was never lacking on our event anyway.

  • International ARTISTS
  • Best DJs
  • Dance WORKSHOPS in both festival and pre-festival days
  • Inspiring BOOTCAMPS

The uncertainty is the biggest issue we all are facing in this crisis. At this point we do not know if and which safety regulations will be in effect in August 2021 however it might be possible that events in general will have limits on the number of attendees. 

In both good and bad times, YOU are the focus of whatever plans we make. Your experience and your safety are our main concern. So rest assured that we will follow all the official guidelines to make sure our event stays in line with the necessary standards to keep us as safe as possible. Yes, things might look a bit different from what we were used to, but the main thing will not change - we are in this together

The restrictions are still ongoing but with the situation going better in the EU, we can already see some events happening.

At this point, based on easing of the measures and some announcements given we are looking forward to the events without restrictions, but with prior mandatory checking of attendee COVID status (vaccinated, had virus or negative test).

CSSF takes place in gorgeous and most romantic town of Rovinj, Croatia.

This year's official venue will be Steel Club, for all - daily or night socials and workshops.

In 2022 we plan to go back to our regular dates for CSSF (and we hope it will stay like that). See you then ;)

28th June - 5th July 2022

Croatian Summer Salsa Festival 2022 edition will take place from 13-20th of June 2022. If the pandemic persist we might be forced to move the event to the alternate dates which will be sometime in August/September with more precise dates announced in time.

Because of the uncertainty of the situation and because we already have passes that were transferred from year before, we decided to postpone ticket sales temporary. As always, we will keep you updated on that.

In the meantime, we opened a WAITING LIST for all of you who still don't have your passes and are willing to join us this summer too. Check out more here! ;)

After we close registrations, E- TICKET NUMBERS will be sent to all PAID passes on valid and correct e-mails of the owners of the passes two weeks before the festivals.

If for any reason you don't receive the confirmation email or your e-ticket, please contact us at:

If you cannot attend the 2021 edition of our event(s), we can also offer these options:

  • RESELL your pass - a name change (allowed up to 8th July 2021
  • If for COVID-19 related reasons you cannot attend 2021 CSSF or SSD editions, you can TRANSFER your SEASUNSALSA booking to 2022 edition. Your 2021 registration will be cancelled and, for example, your FULL PASS in 2021 will be valid in 2022. For that action, you still have time till the end of June, so don't rush, maybe some good changes can happen in the meantime :) 

However, we do understand if some of you already decide to postpone pass and we ask you to do it until 1st July by filling this FORM!

(*Important note: above options also apply to any additional tickets that you might have purchased too - like boat trips, special events, etc.).

If you transferred your ticket from 2020 to 2021, you can check your order status at your online account anytime (


E-ticket which you need to pickup your pass will be send to you latest 10 days before the festival starts to your e-mail address which you used to register your account.

You can check your order status and tickets that you order at your account on our web shop If you have problems with account please contact us at

We are planning to have WORKSHOPS, both - pre-festival (Wed and Thu) and festival (Fri-Sun).

Yes, we plan to continue with education for more advanced dancers so bootcamps are in our plan for this year too!

The workshop schedule is usually published at least one month before the festival.

The closest airports are:

  • Pula (Cro)
  • Rijeka (Cro)
  • Trieste (Italy)
  • Ljubljana (Slo)
  • Venezia (Italy)

On the link HOTEL & TRAVEL you can find our suggestions for comfy staying during the festival. 

That's great! We're happy you're joining us!
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*Your e-mail is unique and precious to us as it is to you. We will not re-share it to anybody else, nor abuse your trust in any way. Pinky swear.
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