22 Jan 2021

Let's dance again!

Some decisions in life are never easy. We made a leap of faith with hopes for a better future. Care to join us?

Dear sunshine family, we believe that the past months have been very rough on you all and for some even devastating and life changing. The beginning of a new year holds a promise for a better future, and that is what we decide to believe in. 

There is a lot of controversy and unknowns in predicting that future but after numerous conversations and hours of contemplating and discussing the facts, rumours and "maybe" scenarios, we’ve made a decision that will give a best chance in fulfilling a promise we gave you last year - the promise of dancing in 2021.


We are super excited to announce that your favourite summer events are scheduled to be held this year, although not in June/July as we are all used to, but on the dates that best guarantee the events to be held this year and these are:

  • Summer Sensual Days, Opatija - 20-22nd August
  • Summer Sensual Days, Rovinj - 25-29th August
  • Croatian Summer Salsa Festival - 01-05th September

For those of you who have been with us from the beginning, our first event ever was held from 25-28th August and it was legendary. Therefore, we believe these "comeback" editions of our events will be too. Yes, so many events have been announced and then postponed, bringing more disappointment. However, we strongly believe that the situation will be good enough to hold the event and start rebuilding our dancing scene.


With full recognition that nothing can be guaranteed, we will be making many decisions about the events along the way and will keep you informed as always about the progress, so make sure you are up with all the updates. One of the best ways to keep track is simply to follow us on:

Of course, at this point, it is hard to imagine that in 2021 we will be delivering experiences on the same scale as in previous years. We expect that certain restrictions for events will still be in effect even in August, preventing us from delivering the exact same experience as before. However, we will make sure you get your dose of sea, sun and dance and we all might still be surprised in a good way - so let's start planning!


Usually, our announcement of the dates is followed by a bunch of information about the event, so you can make decision on the number of days of your stay, which passes to take, where to book your accommodation etc. As this year is special in many ways, we will be compiling a list of our recommended actions together with all the info you might need to start planning your trip to Croatia. 


Of course, many of you, our Seasunsalsa superheroes, have transferred their passes to this year's edition and you might also have many questions. We will also provide you with answers to your questions very soon.
Meanwhile feel free to jump to our official web page and see a teaser of what we are preparing this year.

Croatian Summer Salsa Festival, Rovinj 2021 

Summer Sensual Days, Opatija/Rovinj 2021


Some of the answers you might be looking for are already mentioned in the section of Frequently Asked Questions - so jump there and check it. For the rest, in a few days we will be getting in touch with you with more info and with some recommendations about the next steps. Do not worry - we will go through this together! Until then, we are sending you our smiles and lot of sunshine. May you prosper even in these challenging times.

With love, your sunshine family.

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