Alain & Katerina

Alain & Katerina

Pure energy and super positive vibes whenever they come up on the stage, be it to perform or to teach. Perfect or what? Hello Alain and Katerina!

Specialised in: Cuban salsa, Rumba, Womanity Coaching
Workshops: 3 on pre-festival days, 4 on weekend (Fri-Sun)
Shows: 1

Alain was born in Santiago de Cuba, graduated from Escuela de Instructores de Arte in Santiago. He is known for his passion for tradition and culture and his specialty is teaching people to feel Cuban music in a different way. 

Katerina is a native talent born in Russia. After learning classics, sport ballet dances and modern jazz she fell in love with Cuban salsa. She has a deep knowledge of Afro Cuban culture and Cuban traditional dances. Her trademark is her dance style, which is full of femininity and sensuality

Their course Entre La Rumba y El Son which was created in 2015, is well known in different parts of Russia and Europe and famous for its submerging into the very roots of Cuban music, its rhythms and flavor, showing and helping dancers to see and feel the connection between the music that musicians create and a dance that every dancer is able to produce. Alain and Katerina always follow the latest trends in Cuban music and teach to incorporate this modernity and evolution in their dance.


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