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CSSF takes place in the gorgeous and most romantic town of Rovinj, Croatia.

Our main venue is ADRIS OLD TOBACCO FACTORY, where all the night parties will take place, as well as all the workshops and you can find Adris HERE. Some workshops will be located in the additional halls, what will be published before the event. 

Beach parties and Sunday's Grande pool party will be situated in VILLAS RUBIN RESORT, which location is HERE.

Some of the pre and after parties will be in the STEEL CLUB which is HERE.

And last but not least, after a few hectic covid years, this year we are bringing dancing back to the entire city of Rovinj. You may discover more information regarding DANCE POINTS HERE

In 2023 our dates for Croatian Summer Salsa Festival are from 12th to 19th of June.

You can check our tickets for Croatian Summer Salsa Festival, 12-19.6.2023. on the link: TICKETS 

Don't worry, all the e-tickets are sent 7-10 days before the festival so at that point you will also receive it.

Please get in touch with us via this FORM if, for any reason, you haven't received your e-ticket or the confirmation email 7 days prior to the event.

If you have already bought your ticket(s), but you cannot attend the 2023 edition of our event(s), you can RESELL your pass and REQUEST A NAME CHANGE on the pass. CONTACT US with your order number, the buyer's name, last name, and email.The deadline for a name change is 1st of May 2023 and it is currently free of charge.

Tickets for the boat trips are not possible to resell.

MONEY REFUNDS possible only with the TICKET CANCELLATION INSURANCE! Read more about it HERE.

If you transferred your ticket from previous year(s) to 2023, you can check your order status at your online account anytime (

If you can not find any info at your online account, but previous year(s) you received our email(s) in which we confirmed that your pass had been postponed to 2023 edition, your pass is automatically valid for 2023 and you don't need to confirm your coming to the festival or to do anything else.

Your e-ticket, which you need to pick up your festival pass at the registration desk, will be send to you latest 10 days before the festival to your e-mail address which you used to register on your account.

You can check your order status and tickets that you order at your account on our web shop If you have problems with account please contact us via this FORM.

Yes, we have discounted prices for groups. A minimum of 10 persons must be in the group to qualify for the group rates.
For more info please contact us through this FORM.

Ticket insurance will enable you to receive 80% of your ticket costs back (excluding the costs of the insurance) if you’re unable to attend the festival for any reason. In order to gain your refund, contact us with your order number and receipt for the bought pass latest 2 days before the start of the event.

  1. The reimbursement will not apply to any additional costs, such as travel, accommodation or any other costs connected to the festival activities.
  2. Ticket insurance is optional, but it has to be bought at the same time as the ticket. You cannot buy the ticket insurance additionally.
  3. The repayment will be done up to max. 30 days after your request has arrived.

Ticket insurance price: Ticket insurance can be bought for festival passes, boat tickets, special events and additional bootcamps. Basic fee for the ticket insurance is 10 EUR PER TICKET. For every 100 EUR more per ticket, the fee is additional 10 EUR for that ticket. E.g. If your festival pass costs 180 eur, the insurance fee for the festival pass is 20 eur; if your festival pass costs 180 eur and the boat party costs 35 eur, the insurance fee total is 30 eur. 

No worries, everything is ok. Sometimes it takes a few days for international payments to be executed. As soon as we receive your payment, you will receive payment confirmation. Please check the spam folder as well, since our emails pretty often end up there. 

We really have a lot of options and passes combinations ;)  

Here you can download our PASS LEGEND, where is explained in detail what each pass includes. 

You will be able to buy single party tickets only on the spot, in Rovinj. We do not sell single party tickets in the webshop.
This is the price list:

The workshop schedule is published at least one month before the festival, but most likely it will be published in the first months of 2023.

Until you wait for the 2023 schedule, you can take a look at the 2022 schedule to get some impressions. 

CSSF 2022



There are several options for traveling to Rovinj. For more information please take a look at this link: HOW TO GET TO ROVINJ? or join our official FB group for finding travel mates, roommates etc. and find someone to share your travel costs with ;)

The closest airports are:

  • Pula (Cro)
  • Rijeka (Cro)
  • Trieste (Italy)
  • Ljubljana (Slo)
  • Venezia (Italy)

You can contact our partner Pipo Travel, they provide transfers from the airports. More info HERE.

If you do not find a transfer you like, you can use public transport, it is easy to reach Rovinj by public buses from all major cities in Croatia.

You can also share a ride. Maybe you can find a travel buddy in this GROUP, or you can use BlaBla car or any similar service.

On the link HOTEL & TRAVEL you can find our suggestions for comfy staying during the festival. 

Shuttle bus will run between Adris (old tobacco factory) and Villas Rubin Resort (no stops between).

For everyone who resides in the Villas Rubin Resort, it is included in the price of the accommodation. 

Others will be able to use the shuttle bus, but they will need to purchase a ticket.

Of course, you do not need a dance partner to be part of the festival.

You will have plenty of opportunities to dance since partners are constantly switched during workshops and "everyone dances with everyone" during parties.

No. We sell only festival tickets (you can buy them HERE). Accommodation you book directly with the chosen hotel/private accommodation. For official festival hotels more info HERE. Flights and other related activities you book by yourself.

These are two dance festivals, both in Rovinj, in the same locations, one after another. 

On both you can dance bachata, salsa and kizomba. The distinction is in which dancing styles are more emphasized.


On SSD there will be bachata and kizomba workshops, between 3 and 6 workshops simultaneously, depending on the day. No salsa.

On CSSF there will be salsa workshops (on1, on2, cuban, movement) and bachata workshops. No kizomba. Between 4 and 8 workshops simultaneously, depending on the day.


On SSD there will be  THESE FLOORS.

On CSSF there will be THESE FLOORS.

On both festival there are also boat parties, dancing points in the City, beach parties, the Grande pool party, etc., and the concept is mostly similar, but with some different "details". Each festival offers different special events (for example, on SSD Katarina Island party, on CSSF two live salsa concerts), different bootcamps, and some slightly different parties. To have a complete impression, please check the PROGRAMS of both festivals: SSD CSSF

You can come to both festivals if you want 2 weeks of complete summer holidays and the craziest summer ever. You will have lots of chances to dance, no matter what style you prefer.

If you want to join us only for a week, then it depends on which dance style and music you prefer.

We are happy to hear that you want to join us for your first time! We are sure it will not be the last time ;)

Please review the GUIDE we created to make traveling to Rovinj easier for you.

That's great! We're happy you're joining us!
Just fill in the ambassador form and we'll get back to you. Welcome to the family! :)


*Your e-mail is unique and precious to us as it is to you. We will not re-share it to anybody else, nor abuse your trust in any way. Pinky swear.
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