09 Dec 2022

Croatia joins Schengen and the Eurozone on January 1, 2023.

What does this mean for you?

Some of the most significant changes in the Republic of Croatia's recent history will occur on January 1, 2023: the transition from the kuna to the euro and Croatia's entry into the Schengen zone. This has numerous advantages for dancers from other countries. Here's how it will affect your arrival and stay at the festival in Croatia starting next year.

EURO replacing KUNA as the currency

Until January of next year, tourists to Croatia must exchange their cash for kuna. However, Croatia will start using the euro as of next year, so all festival prices will only be expressed in euros, and you will only be able to pay for everything in euros at the festival.

If you still have some kuna left over from previous years, you can exchange them for euros at banks, Fina, and Croatian Post until the end of 2023.

Traveling within the Schengen zone

Border checks at land and sea borders will not be required for travel between Schengen member states from January 1, while airport screening will continue until March 26, 2023. 

The Schengen Area, a pact between countries to avoid passport and other types of border checks for those traveling between their territories, currently includes 22 EU member states and four non-EU countries. 

Croatia will be welcomed into Europe's passport-free zone, but Romania and Bulgaria will be excluded.

However, despite the fact that you will no longer need a passport or identity card to enter Croatia, you will be required to present one of these two identification documents when registering for the festival, so please bring it. :)

Procedure at the border with Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro

Controls at external border crossings to Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro will be stricter, but lanes for EU citizens already exist. Crowds are possible during the summer months, and Croatia has committed to expanding existing border crossings.

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