Los Van Van

Los Van Van

Friday night is reserved for the ultimate Fiesta Cubana! The unstoppable force of El Tren De La Música Cubana will thunder through Rovinj! A 55-year Cuban music legacy is coming to ignite the celebration of a 20-year salsa festival legacy.


  • Adris Old Tobacco Factory*
  • Friday, June 14th
  • 00:00-01:30
  • included in all passes except the Kick-Start Pass

*Due to the ongoing reconstruction of Rovinj's main square, the concert will be held at the Factory, which means that the Grande Fiesta will take a break this year.

Get ready for one more extraordinary night as the legendary Los Van Van takes the main stage in Rovinj! Celebrating 55 years as the top orchestra in Cuba, this powerhouse founded by Juan Formell promises to set your hearts, souls, and feet on fire with their infectious rhythms and energetic performances!

Led by the world-class drummer Samuel Formell, Los Van Van's unique sound has garnered international acclaim and earned them a Grammy in 2000 for the album "Llegó Van Van”.

Los Van Van's music is a fusion of traditional percussion, rock, funk, and jazz, creating a captivating sound that sets them apart in the Latin music landscape. With the enchanting vocals of Abdel Rasalps, Roberto Hernandez, Armando Canteroa, and the delightful Vanessa Formell, the stage is set for an unforgettable night of Caribbean nonchalance, passion, and joie-de-vivre.

Since the 1970s, Los Van Van has produced numerous salsa hits, including classics like "Sandunguera," "Que le den candela," and "El negro esta cocinando." The band has skillfully captured the essence of daily life in Cuba while maintaining its distinctive Van Van sound.

This energy-loaded live performance promises to infect the salseros instantly! Los Van Van's leading position in the salsa world was demonstrated with legendary concerts, such as being the closing act for Juanes' "Peace without Borders" concert in Havana, attended by over a million people and broadcasted worldwide.

Don't miss the chance to be part of history and experience salsa Cubana at its finest!



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