What should I know before coming to Rovinj?

Croatian Summer Salsa Festival is taking place from 29th June till 6th July 2020.

What you definitely can expect is in these four words SEA, SUN, PARTY and FUN!!!

These are some of the CSSF spotlights not to be missed while enjoying your stay in Rovinj with your dance mates from all over the world:

  • BEACH parties every day
  • Famous POOL PARTY on Sunday
  • Crazy BOAT TRIPS
  • UNIQUE SPECIAL EVENT which includes dancing in (believe it or not) a VINEYARD!
  • DANCE POINTS - dancing in the street from Monday till Wednesday
  • Over 60 international ARTISTS
  • Best DJs
  • High level PRE-FESTIVAL DAYS, on Wednesday and Thursday with a PLACEMENT TEST for intermediate/advanced dancers
  • WELCOME PARTY with an exclusive concert of HAVANA D'PRIMERA & ALEXANDER ABREU
  • SHOW PERFORMANCES of world top artists 
  • After parties
  • Dance floor animations
  • Shopping area
  • Huge garden with bars, chill area and stands - and space for dancing of course :)
  • Mingling, dancing and really good vibes


If you're still rethinking than take a look at this text, we're sure you'll wish to come ;)

The workshop schedule is usually published at least one month before the festival.

A full workshop schedule will be published on the official CSSF web page under the sections: PRE-FESTIVAL SPECIALS & FESTIVAL WORKSHOPS

Beginners are more than welcome - we have a range of workshops which are beginner and open level throughout the festival weekend, so there isn't a reason for you not to come.

At the festival all beginners will be able to experience the best from our international instructors, enjoy their dancing, professional and friendly approach. 

It's time to dance! ;)

There will bachata and kizomba floors, but the main focus of this festival is salsa. If you're more interested in bachata then we'd recommend you to visit Summer Sensual Days in Opatija and Rovinj where the focus is more on bachata and kizomba then on salsa. 

Prefestival specials take place on Wednesday and Thursday and are comprised of one and a half-hour-blocks with one instructor couple and one topic. They are more intense and detailed then weekend workshops, and they are held on two levels - improver and intermediate/advanced. If you want to attend intemediate/advanced prefestival specials, you will have to pass a placement test.

Festival workshops take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and they have the classic form of one hour workshops you encounter on festivals all around the world. You don't have to take the placement test to attend these, but please keep in mind your dance experience and don't attend workshops which might be too difficult for you. 

Sure! You can buy a pass which encompasses all workshops from Wednesday till Sunday, it's called FREAK PASS. It also includes all parties during CSSF, so this is the one you should take if you want to attend everything during the salsa week.

Full pass my friend! It's all parties during the salsa week (Wednesday - Monday) and workshops only during the weekend. So if you need some time off, but still want to learn a bit, this one is for you.

There is a PREFESTIVAL SPECIAL PASS - it's a pass which includes only prefestival special workshops on Wednesday and Thursday, no parties. You can buy it in our festival office on the spot (if there is enough space), or online.

Unfortunately no. You can either take the prefestival specials on Wednesday and Thursday or weekend workshops (Friday till Sunday), or all of them, of course :)

You can buy a one day pass only for the weekend - meaning Friday pass, Saturday pass or Sunday pass. This one day pass encompasses all the workshops of that day and the evening party. 

You can always upgrade your pass on the spot, in our festival office.

A downgrade of your pass is unfortunately not possible.

You can buy your pass on our webshop - make sure you pick Croatian Summer Salsa Festival event 2020.

We really have a lot of options and passes combinations ;)  

In order to make it easier to choose the right pass for yourself, please press Ticket info under each pass in our webshop or just click the TICKETS option within the PROGRAM section on this website for a listing of included programs in each pass.

Yes, most of the passes are usually available at the door but we would highly recommend you to buy them earlier! It's cheaper and you'll be sure that you have them because some of the passes or tickets can be sold out...boat tickets for example, or even Paradise Express pass. 

You can pick up your pass in the festival office when you arrive to Rovinj. You will need your e-ticket and some kind of personal document with your photo on it. Pay attention to festival office working hours. 

Tickets and passes will not be shipped. When we get your payment you will receive the confirmation email saying that your registration is complete. After that you will receive your e-ticket. 

If for any reason you don't receive the confirmation email or your e-ticket, please contact us at: support@salsa-adria.hr

Yes, we have discounted prices for groups. In order to get group prices there has to be a minimum number of 10 people in the group.
For more info please contact us at: support@salsa-adria.hr 

You've bought the pass and for some reason later you've found out that you can't come. The refund is possible but different conditions will apply depending on when you've decided to cancel your pass. 

  • all cancellations prior to 1st April will be subject to a 70% fee.
  • name changes can be done any time until 1st June
  • no refunds for cancellations after noon (12pm) 1st April. Make sure you check our cancellation insurance offer and get 80% of your money back in case of your cancellation.
  • boat trips, Experience Croatia events, bus transfers and individual parties are not refundable.

Yes you can buy a one-day pass, but only during the weekend (Friday, Saturday or Sunday). It includes all the workshops and the party on the chosen day and you can buy it only on the spot.

Unfortunately it is not possible to buy a single workshop only. The minimum is one-day pass which includes all workshops for the chosen day.

The reason for that could be that the email you entered is not valid so please make sure you've put the right email during the account registration on our web-shop. It could have happened also that the confirmation email went to your SPAM folder, so please check that as well.
If none of the above is the case, than please contact us at: support@salsa-adria.hr


*Your e-mail is unique and precious to us as it is to you. We will not re-share it to anybody else, nor abuse your trust in any way. Pinky swear.