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After two long years of global pandemic, we expect that this year we will dance, party, smile and have fun like we have been for the last 15 years! This year we plan to give you again the SEA, SUN, SALSA experience we all have been dreaming of for the last two years! 

POOL PARTY and BEACH PARTIES are back in the game in Vilas Rubin, a place you already know for amazing sun inspired dances. And that's not all, this year we go back to THE OLD TOBACCO FACTORY where so many amazing memories were made.

We are coming back to our "factory settings" so this year you can expect:

  • international artists
  • best DJ-s
  • Dance WORKSHOPS in both festival and pre-festival days
  • Inspiring BOOTCAMPS
  • Boat trips and cruises

The uncertainty is the biggest issue we all have been facing in this crisis for the last two years. At this point we do not know if and which safety regulations will be in effect in June 2022. However it might be possible that we will need to limit the number of our attendees, like we needed in 2021, due to the limitations and measures imposed by the Croatian Government. 

We plan to have parties until morning hours, like we all have been dreaming for the last two years and we sincerely hope next year we will watch the sunrise again, while resting after a whole night of making new amazing dance memories. ;)

However, we still can not know what the legal regulation in Croatia in June will be. If the laws and covid measures make us do so, we will need to finish parties earlier, maybe even at midnight. In that case, the main program will be rescheduled and fit into new time limits.

With EU covid passports last year we broke the ice by organizing the event under special safety standards and procedures. At the present moment we can not predict the situation regarding corona related health measures in June, but we will for sure follow all the official guidelines to keep our event in line with all necessary health standards. Your experience and your safety are always our main concerns.

Despite all the global pandemic, we managed to organize our event(s) in 2021. Although the covid crisis is still ongoing, all over the world different events are being held and, taking into account global situation regarding current covid conditions, we expect positive progress and wider possibilities for next year, but we still can not predict the measures and travel restrictions that may be imposed by the Croatian Government in June. However, in case you will not be able to enter Croatia to participate in our event(s), you can find more about CANCELATION POLICY HERE.

CSSF takes place in the gorgeous and most romantic town of Rovinj, Croatia.

This year we are going back to ADRIS OLD TOBACCO FACTORY as our main venue where all the night parties will take place, as well as all the workshops and you can find Adris HERE.

Beach parties and Sunday's pool party will be situated in VILLAS RUBIN RESORT, which location is HERE.

Maybe in some time we will surprise you with some additional festival venues and special events, if covid situation will let us do so ;)

In 2022 our dates for Croatian Summer Salsa Festival are from 13th to 20th of June.

The sale has already started and you can buy your pass HERE

We still can not know what the covid situation in June will be like, neither in Croatia nor in whole Europe, and what health restrictions might be actual, but it is pretty possible that at one moment we will need to close our sales, especially since a lot of passes for the 2022 edition were transferred from 2021. 

So if you really want to be with us in 2022, don't wait too long with your pass purchase ;)

After we close registrations (15th of May 2022), E- TICKET NUMBERS will be sent to all PAID passes on valid and correct e-mails of the owners of the passes two weeks before the festivals.

If for any reason you didn't receive the confirmation email or your e-ticket, please contact us at:

If you already have your ticket(s), but you cannot attend the 2022 edition of our event(s), we can offer you these options:

  • You can TRANSFER/ POSTPONE your SEASUNSALSA booking to 2023 edition. The DEADLINE is 1st of April 2022. It is free of a charge.
  • You can RESELL your pass and REQUEST A NAME CHANGE on the pass. Just let us know by email the name, surname and an email of the buyer. The DEADLINE for a name change is 1st of May 2022. It is free of a charge.

We do not do money refunds any more.

(*Important note: above options also apply to any additional tickets that you might have purchased too - like boat trips, special events, etc.).

If you transferred your ticket from 2020 to 2022, you can check your order status at your online account anytime (


You don't need to confirm your coming to the festival or to do anything else. Your e-ticket, which you need to pick up your festival pass at the registration desk, will be send to you latest 10 days before the festival to your e-mail address which you used to register on your account.

You can check your order status and tickets that you order at your account on our web shop If you have problems with account please contact us at

We really have a lot of options and passes combinations ;)  

In order to make it easier to choose the right pass for yourself, please press Ticket info under each pass in our webshop or just click the TICKETS option within the PROGRAM section on this website for a listing of included programs in each pass.

Yes, we have discounted prices for groups. In order to get group prices there has to be a minimum number of 10 people in the group.
For more info please contact us at: 

What is ticket insurance?

  • Ticket insurance will enable you to receive 80% of your ticket costs back (excluding the costs of the insurance) in the event that you’re unable to attend the festival for any reason. All participants who don’t pick up their passes till the last party included in their ticket will be marked in the system as if they have used the ticket and the refunds will be possible only in case of bought ticket insurance
  • the reimbursement will not apply to any additional costs, such as travel, accommodation or any other costs connected to the festival activities
  • ticket insurance is optional, but it has to be bought at the same time as the ticket. You cannot buy the ticket insurance additionally
  • in order to gain your refund, send us an e-mail with the confirmation mail or receipt for the bought pass within 15 days after the end of the festival
  • the repayment will be done up to max. 30 days after your request has arrived

Ticket insurance price:
Basic fee for the ticket insurance is 10 EUR. For every 100 EUR more total, the fee is additional 10 EUR. E.g. If your ticket costs 180 EUR, the ticket insurance is 20 EUR.

Shuttle bus will drive between Adris (old tobacco factory) and Villas Rubin Resort (no stops between).

It is free of a charge for all people located in Villas Rubin Resort.

Others will be able to use the shuttle bus, but with paying a fee (we will publish all the info soon).

For 15 years we've been dedicated to promoting the best possible social dance education and we will certainly not stop now. So, we definitely plan to have WORKSHOPS, both - pre-festival (Wed and Thu) and festival (Fri-Sat-Sun). Also we plan to have choreography bootcamps. 

Yes, we plan to continue with education for more advanced dancers so bootcamps are in our plan for this year too!

The workshop schedule is usually published at least one month before the festival.

There are several options for traveling to Rovinj. For more information please take a look at this link: HOW TO GET TO ROVINJ? or join our official FB group for finding travel mates, roommates etc. and find someone to share your travel costs with ;)

The closest airports are:

  • Pula (Cro)
  • Rijeka (Cro)
  • Trieste (Italy)
  • Ljubljana (Slo)
  • Venezia (Italy)

On the link HOTEL & TRAVEL you can find our suggestions for comfy staying during the festival. 

That's great! We're happy you're joining us!
Just fill in the ambassador form and we'll get back to you. Welcome to the family! :)


*Your e-mail is unique and precious to us as it is to you. We will not re-share it to anybody else, nor abuse your trust in any way. Pinky swear.
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