Everything you need to know about Seasunsalsa Online Experience

Seasunsalsa Online Experience is an online event project, made as a special mix of live & prerecorded sessions of interesting talks, educational materials, DJ music, interviews and live streams from Rovinj. 
First edition of the event is already behind us, but you are still able to join our content by subscribing to our page.

The info about our next Online events will be shared with you via our social media. So feel free to follow us there :).

Literally, from your living room. Not kidding ;-) You will only need an Internet enabled device with a screen (laptop, desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone) to connect and participate. A bottle of water and dancing shoes are the only additional equipment you might find useful. So, choose yourself nice and peaceful place and you can start! ;)

If you ever bought a ticket for one of our events through our web site www.salsa-adria.hr it means you already have an account that you can use to sign in. If you are a new participant (welcome! :)), you will be asked to register before you start watching Seasunsalsa Online Experience.
The next step is to look for the Get video access button and enjoy the journey! ;)Our idea is to involve our whole Seasunsalsa family in this online experience, remembering the good times and trying to make great new memories. 

Computer, tablet, mobile phone or any other device connected to the Internet, with a screen. During the Seasunsalsa Online event, the content (except workshops) will be streamed to our official channel - Facebook page of Croatian Summer Salsa Festival. You will also be able to watch the stream through our official web page www.crosalsafestival.com

If you think is valuable what we do, feel free to invite your friends to join our content online. And if you want to receive the latest updates about our future events and special deals and offers, you can also subscribe to our CSSF and SSD newsletters at the bottom of this page.

From this point - yes, of course! We already started preparations for next year's festivals, along with our partner cities, Opatija & Rovinj. So get ready for another crazy year.

Dates are: 

  • Summer Sensual Days in Opatija - 17th – 21st June 2021
  • Summer Sensual Days in Rovinj -  21st June – 28th June 2021
  • Croatian Summer Salsa Festival – 28th June – 5th July 2021

All the information about the workshops and dance snacks you can find under the Dance section of the website. Feel free to explore it!

Classes are prerecorded and available anytime if you subscribe to our web page and get the access to the videos.

All workshops and other educational material is now available only if you upgrade your account. Check for the Get video access button, follow the steps, and enjoy the content!   

Most workshops are improver/intermediate level, while movement classes are ALL LEVEL.


*Your e-mail is unique and precious to us as it is to you. We will not re-share it to anybody else, nor abuse your trust in any way. Pinky swear.