DJ Leo de Cuba

Leo represents the perfect mixture of best and newest Cuban salsa music, such as timba, but as well salsa classic hits, son and hot cubatón.

Specialised in: Cuban salsa

DJ Leo de Cuba (Leobel Abreu) was born in 1987 in Las Tunas, Cuba and moved to Germany when he was 15. Soon after he started to work as a DJ at small events. Over the years he gathered more and more experience in the salsa scene of Stuttgart. Beside this he is also an enthusiastic dancer and he works for different dancing schools as salsa and rueda de casino teacher. DJ Leo de Cuba had his great breakthrough in 2010 when he got a status of a resident DJ in various clubs in and outside of Stuttgart (Germany) and with the first bookings for salsa festivals. Meanwhile he is renowned also outside of Germany and is regularly getting booked for different festivals all over Europe.


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